No. 496  

Roman Holiday Collection comb with hand painted Oleader flowers in pearl, silk flowers, mini daisies and porcelain flowers.

Accented with clear Swaroski crystals.

Available in gold or silver

No. 900

Barefoot Contessa Collection Comb with hand painted Tea Roses and leaves in matte silver and pearl. 14 Carat Gold trimmed leaves embellished with Marquis Swarovski

Available in Silver , Gold or Rose Gold

No. 890

Barefoot Contessa Collection Comb shown in Gold with hand painted leaves and Tea Roses in pearl and Matte Silver with 14 Gold Carat detailed leaves and clear Swarovski

Available in   Gold, Silver or Rose Gold


No. 495  

The Secret Garden Collection Comb shown in hand painted Matte Gold leaves and Tea Roses embellished with Swarovski

Available in: Matte Gold, Matte Silver or Matte Rose Gold


No. 436

Chantilly Lace Collection Comb with Gold lace flowers embellished with Swarovski

Available in : Gold, Silver, Matte Gold, Matte Silver, Rose Gold, Matte Rose Gold